MDM-5000 Direct Drives

MDM-5000 Direct Drive Sets (Frameless Motor Kits) have been designed to fit into applications where the size and weight are of utmost importance. MTI Motion’s Direct Drive technology allows for high servo stiffness which maximises rate and position accuracy because there are no belts, gears or backlash that are inherent with many other servo systems.

MDM-5000 Direct Drive Sets are supplied as two pieces; a cut-core segmented stator and a rotor. The stator is moulded in a thin-walled aluminium housing using thermally conductive epoxy. This provides excellent heat transfer and protects the windings (and optional integrated Hall board) from damage during installation and handling. The rotor is coated with a polymer shrink wrap which prevents the magnets from dislodging during operation and also protects them from damage when handled.

  • Brushless design provides high performance with zero maintenance
  • High pole count, low cogging, smooth operation
  • High torque to inertia ratio ideal for high acceleration/deceleration mode with rapid start-stop
  • Low electrical time constant for fast response


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