S2D Series Servo Drives

ServoWire S2D series servo drives are available in two voltage ratings, 200V and 400V. Fourteen models provide continuous output power ranging from 600 watts to 24 kilowatts. Output currents ranging from 3 to 60 Arms/phase. Up to sixteen S2D drives can be interfaced with an SMLC controller using the ServoWire protocol for motion control networking.

Key Features

  • Compatible with practically all servo motors
  • IEEE 1394b ServoWire (FireWire) digital network with locking connectors
  • Maximum flexibility with separate Control and Main Power Input   24V DC, 100 – 240 or 100 – 480 VAC
  • Smaller footprint means reduced space requirements and 50% greater power density
  • Smooth output torque with three-phase sinusoidal commutation
  • UL-approved and CE marked
  • Optimal performance at all motor speeds with Field Oriented Control (FOC) and Space Vector Modulation (SVPWM)
  • Integrated drive I/O including isolated digital inputs/outputs and one each analogue input and output
  • Safe Torque Off for machinery safety requirements
  • Quadrature, Serial and Resolver feedback
  • High (20-bit) resolution for motor feedback
  • Real-time Hardware Counter with no latency for applications requiring extremely fast, deterministic timing
  • Customisable for OEM applications

S2D drives are a drop-in replacement for existing SD drive models.


ServoWire S2D drives provide high-performance servo operation using digital networking technology based on IEEE 1394b (FireWire). This network is high-speed and easy to implement with cost-effective, industry-standard cabling. An S2D drive supports a wide variety of high-performance servo motors. Contact us for OEM applications of user-supplied brushless rotary and linear motors, as well as DC brush-type and voice-coil motors. Reliable IGBT-based intelligent power modules provide cost-effective solutions for motion control applications.

S2D drives operate on 24 VDC, 100-240 or 100-480 VAC input power and have output short-circuit and over-voltage protection. An all-digital design eliminates the troublesome analogue interface between PC and drive systems, replacing it with a high-speed network based on the IEEE 1394b standard.

Part Numbers

Machinery Safety

S2D Drive Family Overview

S2D Drive Installation and Operation Manual

Servowire Pro Software Datasheet

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