ION® Digital Drives

ION® Digital Drives are compact, fully enclosed modules that provide high performance motion control, network connectivity and power amplification. Two overall power output levels are available; the ION 500 is rated at 500 Watts and the ION 3000 is rated at 3,000 Watts. Variants to the standard ION models include the ION/CME, that allows users to run code directly on the ION itself, and the ION/B, which is a low-cost, +/- analog version of the ION.

All IONs can drive DC brush, brushless DC and step motors, and are ideal for medical, scientific, semiconductor, robotic, industrial and other automation applications.

Key Features

  • Magellan® instruction set
  • DC brush, BLDC and step motor versions
  • Ethernet, CANbus or serial communications
  • S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, electronic gearing profiles
  • Pulse and direction input
  • 500 W or 3000 W power rating
  • Up to 20 A continuous, up to 30 A peak current
  • 12-56V or 20-195V single power source
  • High-efficiency MOSFETs
  • 40 kHz PWM frequency
  • 102 μsec servo loop rate
  • Auxiliary encoder input supports gearing and dual loop applications
  • Position and current loops
  • Field oriented control
  • Sinusoidal commutation
  • Stall detection and auto current reduction
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration
  • Advanced PID filter with velocity and acceleration feedforward
  • Programmable dual biquad filters
  • +/- 10V high resolution 16-bit ADC input
  • Up to 8 general purpose user inputs and 6 general purpose outputs

C-Motion® Engine for programmable versions

  • Execution of C-Motion code at up to 96 MIPS
  • 256 KB of programmable user code space
  • C-Motion Engine development tools

ION 500 Models

ION/CME 500 Models

ION 3000 Models

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ION Digital Drives Data Sheet

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