Veratus Series Encoders


Veratus is the only encoder in its class that delivers the reliability, signal stability, and dirt immunity required in precision industrial applications with all interpolation, AGC, and signal processing performed in the sensor head. No additional PCBs, adapters, or dongles are necessary.

Built using new VeraPath™ technology from MicroE, Veratus encoders are engineered with advanced optical filtering and state-of-the-art signal processing and electronics, ensuring low position noise (jitter) and smooth velocity control over a wide range of operating conditions. Veratus encoders are available with up to 20 nm resolution and offer industry standard analogue and digital incremental encoder outputs, a phased LSB index, and easy-to-install magnetic limits and index select marks.

Veratus encoders are compatible with MicroE’s wide range of linear and rotary gratings and scales, for robust performance and easy installation.


  • Dirt immunity and reliable performance in a wide range of applications and environments; advanced optical filtering and signal processing
  • Compact footprint; interpolation and AGC in sensor head
  • Automatic calibration; plug and go
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Built-in limits, flexible index selection
  • Multiple linear and rotary grating/ scale options
  • Status LED in sensor head


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  Product Documents:
Product Specification
Veratus Series Datasheet
Veratus Series Datasheet

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