Servostar 400 Servo Drive

Servostar 400 servo drives operate directly from 115 to 400 VAC lines and provide an output current of 3 or 6 Amps RMS/phase, continuous. Supporting 1 master and up to 7 extension axes, the S400 is CANopen compatible and is fully programmable via an RS232 interface.

Servostar 400 servo drives were made obsolete from 30th June 2020. Beyond this date, remaining stocks can be supplied on request but only for a limited time. Kollmorgen will continue to offer their repair service, dependent on component availability.


  • Two current classes: 3A and 6A rated current at up to 400 V mains voltage (6A requires additional fan)
  • Operation directly from the mains supply with an integral mains filter:
    • 1 x 115 V AC, 1 x 230 VAC
    • 3 x 115 V AC, 3 x 230 VAC
    • 3 x 230 V AC, 3 x 400 VAC
  • Power supply and regen circuit integrated into the master (first axis) for standalone operation
  • Up to 7 extension axes at one master; axis modules are identical for all voltages
  • Mounting on DIN rail: suitable for 300 mm switchgear cabinets
  • All shield connections directly at the amplifier, integral mains filter
  • Resolver and high-resolution sine-cosine encoder feedback
  • Current controller, speed controller, position controller, electrical gearing, RS232, CANopen®
  • LED-Display and keyboard in the front panel of the master module
  • EtherCAT®, PROFIBUS or SERCOS optional
  • Encoder emulation: ROD426-compatible (dec./bin.) or SSI (Gray/bin.) selectable
  • Controls for the motor brake
  • Fully programmable via RS232 interface

Model Numbers

Servostar 400 Installation Manual

Servostar 400 Brochure