Linear Actuators

Electrak, WhisperTrak and Max Jac Linear Actuators from Thomson offer best fits for a variety of general purpose and industrial applications. Designed in compact housings to fit in the most confined areas, these actuators are rugged, durable, and ideal anywhere you want to lift, lower, push, pull, rotate or position a load. They come in a wide range of standard and customizable stroke lengths and are available in both DC and AC models – optionally packaged with a wide selection of controls and accessories. Some of the more common applications include:

  • Off-highway mobiles (agricultural, construction, mining, forestry, road work and railway equipment)
  • Turf and garden (lawn mowers, golf carts, tractors, cleaning machines, sky lifts, other utility vehicles)
  • Industrial equipment (conveyors, adjustable work tables/platforms, hatch-doors-locks opening/closing)
  • Health, fitness, medical equipment (personal mobility, lifting units/beds, gym and therapy equipment)
  • Office and home equipment (automatic/garage doors, lifts, gates, satellite dishes)
  • Marine boats, ships, and oil rigs (seats, hatches, fire doors, rescue equipment, values, throttles)
  • Ventilation value controls, process equipment, and many, many more…


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